Mojotech is a Software Design and Development Agency based Providence, with offices in Boulder, New York, and Washington. 55 ‘Mojos’ are building winning products every day. It’s one of those companies that you want to work for. And it’s also our dearest client.

But what does MojoTech do to keep their team happy and productive?

Operations Director at MojoTech, Jacob Brier shares some tips.

– Why do you think employee recognition is so important these days?

In order to continue growing as a successful business, you need to attract and retain a talented and productive team. In today’s “gig economy,” people have many options to generate income, so simply a paycheck isn’t enough. People have always wanted to feel valued; that’s not new. What’s new is that people have more options now when they do not feel valued.

– What do you guys do at Mojotech to promote employee recognition?

Public praise when a team completes a project is important. For significant milestones, we often send teams out for a special happy hour, bowling, karaoke, or something like that. We also have a monthly award that’s given each month by the prior recipient at our all-team meeting. There is no specific criteria for who gets it… Just whoever the past recipient deems worthy. It promotes inter-team recognition, which is critical and often overlooked. You expect feedback from management, but when positive reinforcement comes from peers, it carries a nice weight.

– What would you suggest to company leaders who don’t have the budget to put in action employe recognition? What else can be done?

There are many options that cost little or no cash. They tend to take a bit more time, but even then, not much. The key piece of advice I would give is to try to positively recognize people/events at least twice as often as negative feedback is given. If that’s challenging to do, you may be at risk of an unhealthy team dynamic.

– What would you say to people who don’t have this vision yet and don’t think it’s important to recognize their team?

The first thing I’d say to them is “Do you have any talented software engineers or digital product designers?”… but if what I’m saying is supposed to help them, rather than hire their under-appreciated team members, I’d say think about what you’d want to hear and experience if you were in your employees’ position. If you’re not doing at least that, you should up your game.

– What do you love to do besides work? 

Tough question. I’m running for Town Council, so I haven’t had time for hobbies lately, between that, work and spending time with my family. But I do very much love spending time with my wife and our 7-year-old son, so that’s good enough for me.